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Life is meant to be lived!

We realize that it’s not just about your pain! It’s about all the things that the pain prevents you from doing…maybe it’s working out, going on a trip, playing with your kids, going for a run, performing better, getting that promotion, sleeping through the night or standing pain free at a party.

To put it simply pain makes you feel less than the best version of yourself and it doesn’t have to be that way! We’re here to help!

Your Journey to Health is as easy these 3 steps

Let’s find out what is going on: health concerns, history and your goals.


Let’s find out what is going on: health concerns, history and your goals.


Posture analysis, Exam, neurological tests and digital Xray, if needed.

Game Plan

Lay out a personalized game plan to get you back on track.

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Phil K.

Dr. Leslie takes the time to approach chiropractic care as an individual ailment rather than a one size fits all philosophy. She understands your goals and how chiropractic care can help you achieve them. Sessions with Dr. Leslie never seem rushed and like she is trying to shuffle people in and out of the office which is refreshing compared to other chiropractic experiences I have had in the past.

Roman S.

Dr. Leslie is very thorough in her approach and explanation of not only the causes for spinal and alignment issues but in her methodology behind fixing and maintained health afterwards.
Her office is warm and inviting and I felt better almost immediately after being adjusted.
Looking forward to getting on the golf course with this new back!

Brian W.

I've been blessed by chiropractic care over the years but I have never had a Chiropractor take the degree of time and attention that Dr Leslie has. Not only is she straightening me out, she makes me feel like a valued client at the same time. Huge props!

Heather M.

Dr. Mitzel is truly an amazing chiropractor. She is very dedicated to excellent patient care and has the skills and experience which set her apart from others. She has helped me recover from many aches and pains and I will continue to seek her services for my future healthcare needs.

Lisa F.

Dr. Leslie is a wonderful human and doctor. You can’t help but smile as soon as you walk in knowing you’re in great hands. I love every visit. She truly sees you as a whole being. My 12 year old daughter loves being cared for by her, too! She is the perfect balance of compassion, connection, and enthusiasm. I recommend her for the whole family!

Allysa R.

Dr. Leslie is a knowledgeable and compassionate chiropractor. She is dedicated to delivering the best care to you are your family. Dr. Leslie has been my chiropractor for several years now, and I could not be happier. You and your family are in great hands at Journey Family Chiropractic.

John V.

Dr. Leslie has the right hands and the right heart to help you get to the next level of your health. Someone who truly cares about her patients. This is where you should be to lead a healthier, pain free lifestyle.

Peter K.

Excellent clinician and compassionate care giver. Dr. Leslie takes the time to listen to a persons needs and concerns and then explains in simple language what is going on and how she can help. Her care is very gentle and helpful.

Felicia D.

Dr. Leslie is such an incredible Doc. Her passion, integration, and application of knowledge and skill go unmatched. She has played such an integral role in my health journey this far. I have full faith in her service through this wonderful profession. ❤️

Dr. Patti G.

Kind, caring, office. Dr. Leslie makes all her patients feel special. I highly recommend her especially for her skill and care of the entire family especially with children and pregnant moms. ?

Matt. V

Great welcoming feel to the office. Dr. Mitzel is very caring and takes her time in addressing your needs and giving effective adjustments. Definitely recommend!

Cheryl D.

Dr. Leslie is very informative and takes the time to thoroughly explain what her plan is and why. She is the best!

Mike B.

Dr. Leslie has changed my life. I feel better than I have in at least 7-8 years. When other Chiropractors, and Dr's not able to help my shoulder, Dr. Leslie has made me feel better than I knew possible!

Paula C.

Dr. Leslie is an amazing, caring, genuine chiropractor. Do yourself a favor and call her for an appointment.

Feel the Difference

There is magic in a healthy spine! Countless people have found resolve from pain and diseases from chiropractic care. Research shows that regular chiropractic care allows people to have vitality and optimal function. We are here to hep you attain your goals.

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