Safe, Gentle & Effective Chiropractic care

for all Stages of Pregnancy

Improve sleep and bloodflow

Reduce daily stressors

Prepare for life after pregnancy

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Where are you in your journey?


When you’re looking to become pregnant, it’s important to know how that will change your body. A pregnancy chiropractor can keep your body in shape with proper alignment.


There’s no reason to sweet talk it, the birthing process is traumatic. Stress on organs can lead to poor sleep, which can snowball into lower back pain, body soreness, and headaches. In case of breach, we know how to administer Webster’s Technique


Looking at your baby is awesome! Looking down at your baby in a carrier, or nursing, or reviewing pictures on your phone, however, is a recipe for neck pain. It’s important to get your body back in fighting shape and prevent postnatal injuries. 

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Stress is normal. the amount is different.

First Visit

Each client fills out initial forms, has a consultation and chiropractic exam, and finishes with an X-Ray.

Second Visit

In a 45-60 minute session, we will unlock the results of your initial exam and X-Ray. Next, your first adjustment.


Our adjustments use controlled movements that improve mobility no matter the stage of your motherhood plans.

“I still don’t know what to do!”

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The baby carrier is too tough on my shoulders. My neck hurts after looking at my baby. Is my body in the right shape to go through a pregnancy? My wrists hurt for no reason at all, and I cannot for the life of me get a good night’s sleep!

If some, or all, of these thoughts are running through your head, you need a pregnancy chiropractor.  

“Dr. Leslie was awesome! She takes time to listen to your concerns and genuinely cares about your health. “

– Kailee Scholz, 5-Star Google Reviewer

“How do i have a healthy pregnancy?”

Hear from others in West Michigan who rely on Journey Family Chiropractic to move better, feel stronger, and stay healthier.

“Dr. Mitzel is truly an amazing chiropractor. She is very dedicated to excellent patient care and has the skills and experience which set her apart from others. She has helped me recover from many aches and pains and I will continue to seek her services for my future healthcare needs.”
Heather Meeks
“Dr. Leslie clearly has a passion for what she does. She explained everything she was doing, why she was doing it, and what the results meant.”
Carrie Harrison
“Dr. Leslie is the best chiropractor ever! She focuses on the whole body instead of just treating symptoms. She is very welcoming and makes everyone feel at home.”
Dominique Sajtar-Brown

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