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“I was moving fine yesterday…”‘

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There’s no easy way to say this, but you’re not in high school anymore. Whether you’re playing with the kids or a weekend warrior, scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor for back pain or neck pain is one way to combat the aging challenges to your daily routine. 

Don’t Let Pain Hold you back

First Visit

Each client fills out initial forms, has a consultation and chiropractic exam, and finishes with an X-Ray.

Second Visit

In a 45-60 minute session, we will unlock the results of your initial exam and X-Ray. Next, your first adjustment.


Our adjustments use controlled movements that improve mobility no matter the stage of your motherhood plans.

how severe is your pain?


Are you experiencing minor tweaks or neck pains from the day before? If getting out of bed is taking slightly longer than usual, calling a chiropractor for back pain is your next step! 


Did that extra rep at the gym, or mile on the treadmill, have you howling the next morning? If it hurts to sit down or turn your head in certain directions, it’s time to book an appointment now.


Don’t let pride mask your pain. Severe swelling, unusual sores, and other symptoms may result from broken bones and other medical emergencies that require more immediate care. Please call your doctor or an emergency physician. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

“A great education, great experience and great adjustment. Leslie is amazing. I’m feeling better already.”

– Norman Yatooma, 5-Star Google Reviewer

“I’m in pain. What’s wrong? What do I need to do?”

Hear from others in West Michigan who rely on Journey Family Chiropractic to move better, feel stronger, and stay healthier.

“Great chiropractor; very welcoming office. Dr. Mitzel did this very very interesting test where I had to step on two different scales at the same time (one foot on each scale) so I could identify if my weight was balanced across my body…. annnnnnnndddddd it wasn’t. After the Dr adjusted me, I re-did the test and I came back balanced! I felt great after leaving her office. I will be back. Excellent experience.”
Gregory Manuel
“Excellent clinician and compassionate care giver. Dr Leslie takes the time to listen to a persons needs and concerns and then explains in simple language what is going on and how she can help. Her care is very gentle and helpful.”
Peter Kevorkian
“Great welcoming feel to the office. Dr. Mitzel is very caring and takes her time in addressing your needs and giving effective adjustments. Definitely recommend!”
Matthew VanderLaan

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